Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


No animal will be accepted unless proof of all vaccinations up to date are provided prior to or upon arrival. This must show a booster vaccination having taken place within the last 12 months and signed off by a qualified vet to include parvovirus, Hepatitus, leptospirpis, Distemper and any further as deemed and advised by Benwicks vet (Meridian). Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs is also required, this should have been administered at least 10 days before admittance. Cats must be vaccinated against Parvovirus and feline respiratory viruses. All other pets should be up to date with relevant vaccinations.

Medical Conditions

We must be notified upon booking/arrival of any medical conditions and any medical requirements i.e. Medication and dosage. We reserve the right to refuse any pet that we consider sick or those displaying aggressive behaviour. Any medicines will be given as per instructions to animals boarding with us, but it must be understood that we are NOT a Veterinary Kennels.

Veterinary Cover

Animals boarded at Benwick kennels are insured through ALLIANZ (Animal health), Cover is as follows: Veterinary fee benefit, Maximum £350 per animal in the period insurance. Death Benefit, Maximum of £350 per animal in the period insured. Cover does not extend to pre-existing veterinary conditions or those through age related illness and the owner accepts full responsibility for payment if any animal in our care requires veterinary treatment. A copy of our insurance policy is available to view upon arrival.

Ill Health or Injury

It is emphasized that whilst every care and attention is given, Benwick Kennels & Cattery accept no responsibility for ill health or injury due to your cat’s/dog’s behaviour. A veterinary surgeon is available 24/7.

Flea/ Worming Treatment

All Animals must be covered by a known flea/worming treatment before they are boarded. Animals that arrive with fleas and/or worms will be administered such a product and charged accordingly.


If the owner requires animals of the same species to share it is done so at the owner’s risk. Should we feel it is necessary to separate them for the animal’s safety, we will do so and you will be advised on collection.


We will require full payment on collection of your pet by cash, card or BACS (details can be obtained from reception). If your payment is withdrawn or declined you accept full liability for any bank charges, you also agree that Benwick Kennels & Cattery will charge an admin fee of 30% of any outstanding balance if they have to enforce the debt.


All Prices are inclusive of VAT.


We offer a range of popular food brands which are included in the boarding fees. Please supply any additional/specialist food or culinary requirements that your pet may require in sufficient quantities.


Everything your pet requires for his/her stay here is provided. We have bedding, food dishes, toys and various leads to suit your pets stay. You are welcome to bring your own pets bedding or toys. However, as much as we will try our best to keep them from getting lost or damaged, we cannot guarantee that these will be returned at the end of the pets stay.

Bank Holidays

All bank holidays are charged at double and closed.

Collection/ Drop Off

Animals can only be accepted or released during our business hours. Owners must telephone if they are unable to reach us by closing time.

Out Of Hours

O A surcharge of £25.00 for out of hours collection/drop off will be charged. Dogs must be on a lead at all times upon arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the car park. Dog collars must be secure and fitted with an identity disk. Cats must arrive and depart in secure baskets/carriers. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury.

Non Collection

We reserve the right to rehome animals that have not been collected with 7 days of the said departure date and, after efforts have been made to contact the owners with no response. We also reserve the right, and will take legal action to recover costs incurred.

Photographs & Social Media

You agree that any photos taken of your pet whilst they board with us can be used on our social media/advertising & website pages unless you inform us otherwise. NO animals are ever named.


Due to our licensing conditions we hold essential customer information for lawful and legitimate reasons. These include contact information and information on your pet to allow us to be able to care and cater to their needs. Any information will not be shared with any 3rd party or external companies unless permission is authorised and necessary eg your vet or our vet (Meridian) in an emergency. If you wish for your information to be removed at any time then please advise us. However, by removing your pet’s details from our system we will not have the required history of your pets stay with us and what makes their time at Benwick a happy holiday.

By boarding at Benwick, you are confirming that you have understood and agree to our Terms & conditions. (Benwick Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to alter & amend these conditions at any time)

Benwick Kennels & Cattery. September 2018

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