Your Dog's Home from Home!

Each of our kennels is individually heated and offers their own exercise run. Dogs are free to come and go all day long. Every dog is personally looked after by our caring and dedicated team of animal carers. Your dog will be looked after as a guest and his or her food preferences, needs and exercise requirements will be catered for.

Your Dog Will Love This!

At Benwick we have different secure exercise areas within our premises to ensure your dog receives the most stimulation from their time with us. Toys, agility apparatus and paddling pools in the summer are just some of the facilities we have here. Individual needs will be assessed and discussed as we are lucky to have 5 acres here at Benwick so your dogs are always walked on our own land and not public walks making it a safer environment

We Love Them Too!

Attention and care is given to all our boarders at Benwick Kennels. Whether it be a lead walk or to let off steam in our large enclosed paddock we can accommodate your dog. Rest assured we will never mix dogs during their stay at Benwick (unless they are from the same family and with your permission). So to bed time...after a long day Roy will visit each guest with a cuddle and a treat before lights out.

Come and Play with Us Soon!

We also provide Poochy Day Care, Mon-Fri 8.30 - 5.30 pm at £15 a day! Discounts available for a weekly rate. This service is not available at weekend or on Bank Holidays. Lee, Roy and the Team look forward to welcoming your dog to their Kennels Soon!

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