Your Cat Chalet Awaits!

All our chalets are indoors, individually heated, hygienic UPVC chalets with sneeze barriers in between so there is extra security for your little one. There are separate sleeping quarters and runs. For those staying longer than a few days or younger felines needing more of a leg stretch, we allow them (with staff supervision) to explore a little more...For those just wanting a more sedate holiday watching the world go by, we have an enormous fish tank to keep them entertained.

Health & Hygiene

We pride ourselves on our deep cleaning policy to our hygienic UPVC chalets with sneeze barriers to ensure the highest cleanliness is given to your cat whilst in our care.

We Love Them Too!

We check in on the cats on regular intervals by having a chat with them and giving them a pampering! We keep a watchful eye over your cat whilst they are in our care and help alleviate any anxieties or separation issues they might be feeling. We also have double chalets to cater for 2-4 related felines.

In Purrfect Comfort!

Bring your cat’s favourite blanket and let us know their dietary preferences to ensure the best stay for them.

Contact Us

  (+44) 01273 587 809